italian lake district and its contemporary allure

On the famous Lago di Como – Como lake – there is a contemporary villa that is much far from the traditional “Art Nouveau” buildings of the area. It’s interesting to investigate how the architect Annalisa Mauri┬áhas designed this white contemporary villa in perfect balance with the surroundings.

It is the interpenetration of the volumes that characterizes the Alserio project, a private building of 750 square meters on 3 levels. The articulation of the compositional elements is suggested by three main directions, recovered from the morphology of the site and from the perspective development: the lake on one side, the mountains on the other.

The plan unwinds on three main lines, like a Y whose main segment is dedicated to the living area: here, the large double-height living area hosts a large fireplace, whose long chimney is a vertical counterpoint – it is 7 meters high. The third interpenetration is dedicated to water: an indoor pool faces an external one, respecting the same alignment as if it were a single tank.

An ideal connection that builds a game of correspondences between inside and outside.

The sleeping area, at the explicit request of the client, has smaller surfaces: cozy rooms designed to experience intimacy and relaxation.